The rampaging Jūgo managed to drain Konohamaru severly of his chakra. After a few days of training, Boruto was able to perform the Rasengan, and was happy. Both spend more time with their mother, compare to the father. (For Boruto : Shikadai and Inojin. Suddenly, Naruto knocked Isshiki away from his son before he released last-ditch strategy of transforming into a new form. It was revealed after he fully recovered and his antibodies helped cure the sick girl, she helped Mitsuki sneak into the city. However in the OVA, he jumps on Naruto while he is sleeping in his study room. It was stated by Sasuke that Boruto's Rasengan was much smaller compare to Naruto's, however he eventually becomes able to create a normal-sized Rasengan after more training along with using the technique with one hand. Naruto approved of his son using it and quickly showed a considerable improvement in performance. Boruto was quickly pressured by the older ninja, but was saved by Konohamaru, as the foe quickly retreated after realizing that he was a Konoha-nin. Although Boruto can't directly do anything to escape, he is able to use the Kote to make dozen of shadow clones, and won after Shikadai forfeit the match. While the team examined Kawaki's body, Boruto's Kāma became painful. As the swordsmen attempt to destroy Kiri's Memorial Stone, Boruto stops them, leading to Shizuma erecting a mist barrier around the surrounding area and separating the three. However he gets surprised when Katasuke tells him that Naruto has to attend the exams. In the manga, Boruto hides in his parents bedroom after Naruto gets unconscious. While Sasuke engaged Urashiki, Jiraiya went to deal with the rampaging Naruto. But Boruto was surprised when his mother told him that his father and Neji were both equal in strength. However, according to Masashi Kishimoto, he intended to give them the Byakugan, but forgot to before releasing chapter 700. After rescuing him, they become friends, and insists that Denki stands up to his father for being forced to join the Academy against his will. While Kagura enjoyed the game, he continued to lament about his past. By adding lightening (wind in the novel) to his small Rasengan, it was a feat Boruto's prodigious paternal grandfather was unable to accomplish, whereas Naruto struggled greatly with it by also adding wind to it. Returning to the Konohamaru, he was amazed to hear about Konohamaru being placed under house arrest after trespassing into a nearby village. Deciding the best course was to capture Naruto, Urashiki subdued Naruto and trap Boruto and Sasuke, along with Jiraiya, who happened along inside a stone prison. When Himawari asks if they can play together after dinner, Boruto says he has to study afterwards which annoys his sister. This led everyone, including Boruto to sadly conclude that he in fact did not awaken his Byakugan. Despite having let go of his anger towards Naruto and his disdain for the Kage title, Boruto openly states that he has no intention to become Hokage. Early in his days as a Ninja Academy student, his outfit is quite similar to this. Shinobi Record Boruto and Mitsuki see the Nue from afar. Following Shikadai's plan, they were initially able to pin down Garaga, until the rampaging foe used his spit to petrify Chocho. Even though Hatake Kakashi was the Sixth Hokage, Boruto has respect for him. Kū fell back to treat his wounds and decaying body. However Boruto and Naruto fight over what Himawari should eat, and upon seeing this Hinata puts them both outside. Boruto runs out of the room after telling Naruto that his era is lame. When Naruto comes in the arena Boruto offers a fist bump but when he thinks that Naruto is about to give it to him. While seeing that they were still hiding some truth, Jiraiya decided to work with the duo, while breaking them free by summoning a giant toad. However Otsutsuki Momoshiki and Otsutsuk Kinshiki appear and Boruto is pushed back by his father. With the help of distracting the teachers, Boruto was able to move on and face the Sixth Hokage. Boruto also talks to Katasuke and learns that everyone has a different option about ninjas and gets a gift from Katasuke as a be later birthday gift. Preferring an overall more direct approach in battle, he relies on various intricate misdirection and feints, which allowed him to get the better of Iwabee and even the likes of Momoshiki. When waiting for Asaki to show up for report, only to no avail, they went off to find her. Amanim/My Favorite USA TV Shows and Movies! As the two talked about the value of trust, Boruto insisted that Mitsuki was indeed his friend. Boruto gets angry when he sees Kawaki broke the flower vase, which Himawari made as a gift to their mother. Whereas Gohan's mother is sweet, and kind but aggressive. (For Boruto : believing that Sasuke is the other Hokage. Whereas for Naruto : he wants to become the Hokage, and gain acknowledgement), Both have a teacher in the Ninja Academy that they can't stand including that they hate hearing his class lectures. The boy then introduces himself as Denki, and Boruto becomes shocked at finding out that he was the son of the president of Kaminarimon Company. Once arriving, the culprits were revealed to be Tsurushi Hachiya, and old classmate of Kagura, and his delinquent gang. It was revealed that Mitsuki's snake took some of his blood and harvested the antibodies in it, giving the kids immunity to his virus. He asks Kurenai for advice about Hiashi and is shock about the darkness history of the Hyuga clan. Determined to impress Sasuke and become his apprentice, Boruto asked Konohamaru to teach him the Rasengan and Konohamaru agreed, thinking it would be an honor. The only difference is that Boruto hates getting the same item, whereas Naruto likes getting the same item. (For Boruto : his father was trained by Jiraiya. Also, Boruto can produce a dimensional portal to other realms. Upon realizing that his father is gone and not in the hospital, Boruto became distraught and runs out of the hospital. At the end of the episode everyone is surprise that Inojin succeeds in controlling Chocho. However, he suggested that Boruto and Sarada go to the White Snake Sage in the Ryūchi Cave for more answers. When Boruto is a Ninja Academy student, Himawari hates it when Boruto speaks rudely about their father in front of their mother. While running in the village, Boruto saw his Kama shrieking back to his hand and wonders what is wrong with Kawaki. Therefore making her five years younger than him). Deciding to get some air, Boruto wondered in to the village, where he bumped into Sarada. Sarada is at first shocked, and then ponders whether Orochimaru is Mitsuki's mother or father, while Boruto — becoming continuously more frustrated by Mitsuki and Sarada ignoring his question, demands to know who Orochimaru is. Therefore Boruto distracts Lee with shadow clones, giving Shikadai an opening to pin his shadow, but Lee gets out of his range. When it is revealed that both answers are incorrect, Boruto and his teammates find themselves falling down a pit with a lake of ink at the bottom. (For Boruto : he tells Naruto that he never needed training to learn the shadow clone technique. Shojoji however anticipated Boruto's attack with shadow clones. Sasuke explained to Jiraiya that he and Boruto were actually ninja from a distant village with a mission to stop Urashiki from stealing the Nine-Tails' chakra and that Urashiki had ties to the Akatsuki. Sai, who could sympathise with Sumire's past, offered to help her build a new path for her. Boruto solved the answer flawlessly using his own method, which even surprises Iwabee who wondered how Boruto was able to come to this conclusion despite the fact that he dozes off in class. Even though Naruto was sad that Boruto didn't fist-bump him back, he fist-bump Boruto on his stomach and then took his leave. Including that the end of his pants are red with thin black stripes on both sides of the pants. Suddenly, Boruto was saved by the timely arrival of the recovered Mitsuki. Their plan however failed as the masked thief saw through their deception. Much to Boruto's shock, the celebrity had become very fat. In the English version, Boruto refers to Naruto as "stupid dad". She then asks him what's in the stack, and Boruto tells her that someone gave it to him, before he runs off to find Naruto. As the other genin continued their pursuit, they found the remains of a sand creature, which Boruto recognised as the same thing that attacked Mitsuki's snake. While Boruto shows off impressive improvement in his timing and control of his various techniques, Naruto is able to easily repel his various assaults. [24] Mitsuki claimed that it was Sumire. Behind Boruto's jacket, there was a symbol that resembled a bolt. Once Sasuke heard from Naruto about Boruto's laziness when it comes to training, and preferring to take shortcuts to increase his abilities including to complete missions. Before they could free him, Tosaka subdued them in tranquilizers, revealing to be working in league with the researchers and cursed seals operation. When the Clones are all defeated, Boruto revealed himself and picked up his Chakra Blade to slash through Ao's artificial limbs, before defeating him with a Rasengan. However in the OVA, he hides in Naruto's study room. Afterwards, it was decided for Boruto and his family to stay the night. After becoming a genin, Boruto is assigned with Sarada and Mitsuki to Team Konohamaru. Whereas for Gohan : the Ox King) The only difference is that Boruto's grandfather is dead whereas Gohan's grandfather is not. Furious at this decision, Boruto was left to sulk at what became of his friend, refusing to believe that he was a traitor. Boruto is the first child of Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki, receiving a younger sister Himawari two years later. As Boruto was impressed by his father's new form, he struggled to keep watching, only to soon after faint from his injuries. Encouraging Tentō to keep working at it, the boy gradually improved in his technique until finally hitting the target. Likewise, he is also capable of using the Gentle Fist fighting style by utilizing open palm strikes. However he was sad that Sasuke had to erased Konohamaru's memory. He then says good bye to Hinata that night. Between the two, he is the more sarcastic. As the Konoha-nin began to tire, Kokuri saw through the enemy technique's weakness to light, giving the Konoha-nin the knowledge they needed to overpower and defeat their foe. As they prepare to leave, Sasuke lends Boruto his old forehead protector. Apparently, the plan for Kishimoto to write the Boruto manga after Kodachi’s exit was in place since the beginning. Upon arriving, he is introduced to Tentō Madoka, the Fire Daimyō's son, and given the mission of protecting the boy for the next few days. Before leaving Naruto gives Boruto something. As the genin were quickly pressured by him, Inojin and Chōchō arrived to help. With Yûko Sanpei, Kokoro Kikuchi, Ryûichi Kijima, Kenshô Ono. As they trained together, Sasuke told Boruto about how Naruto was as a child; describing him as someone who would always ranted about becoming the Hokage; and was a stubborn loser. When Sasuke shields them without Naruto, this scares Sarada and makes Boruto worry as they call out to him. While shocked at the stranger's selfless act, Kawaki insisted that it was for self-preservation as they would surely die without the Hokage's aid, and also that it'd counts as payment for breaking Himawari's vase. The following day, Jiraiya began instructing Boruto and Naruto on how to synchronise their chakra for the goal of developing a unique new cooperation ninjutsu. However he becomes frighten when the Rasengan ends up veering off course and destroying a farmer's house, much to the local's anger. At night while Boruto pulls out the Kote from his computer desk. Overall, his potential is regarded as a threat to the Ōtsutsuki clan. Shikadai realized that the ice's reflection was also causing a genjutsu effect. (For Boruto : telling Sarada about the difference between a panda and a actual bear. But he is shock when Naruto personally congratulate him on passing the second round. (For Boruto : Naruto. Mitsuki finds all the discussion about their parents interesting, but insists that Naruto and Sasuke have nothing on his parent: Orochimaru. While enjoying the moment, Boruto noticed what he thought was a Heart Stone, and upon picking it up, he got emotional thinking back to Ōnoki's teachings. After Sasuke and Boruto returned to the present, Boruto told Konohamaru that Urashiki is defeated. Both lived a normal life from their childhood up to their pre teen year. Eventually, Tentō showed off his near-complete collection of shinobi collecting cards. While getting ready to go out, Boruto and Himawari got into an argument about taking her stuffed panda toy to the ceremony. Boruto then throw his father's old dirty tattered jacket out of the window in a fit of rage, by calling Naruto's old jacket uncool. (In the English version of the ova, he says he's really done it this time), But Himawari got extremely angry, and had awakened her Byakugan for the first time which shocked Boruto since he remarked that she had the same eyes as their mother. To this end, Boruto threw out the Kote for good since it made him unfavorably think of Momoshiki. Whereas for Naruto : he was afraid that Gaara can not get tire from using sand), However both realized that the enemy is just like them. Boruto and the others soon find them, where Magire quickly attacked them with his concealment skills. Before he can use it, his body becomes paralysed with pain, which came from the mark on his palm spreading. (For Boruto : his mother tells him that the hokage is important to the village. When Sasuke met Boruto for the first time, he told Naruto that the boy reminded him of how Naruto used to be, but Naruto denied this. After his welcoming party, Boruto alongside other students subdue an construction worker at the academy who was being possessed. Boruto surmised that having been the one who raised Nue, it came to view Sumire as its parent. Hoping to learn how she did as a chance to have some mocking rights on the Nine-Tails, Shukaku decided to play nice with the young girl by making the siblings be separated. His hand healed on his own. He voiced his resolve on pursing his plans on the grounds that such peaceful times have dulled the shinobi's growth and need protection. However, Boruto was happy to see that Shikadai changed a little bit. Eventually, the perpetrator is revealed to be a possessed Magire, who kidnaps Sumire. When he failed to shrink it, it was revealed to be Boruto. Uchiha Sarada is Boruto's childhood friend and rival. Later that night, Boruto, Shikadai, and Inojin received a message in blood on the window that the Denki was kidnapped and ordered Boruto to go to the pier. When they get home, they find Naruto waiting for them. Whereas for Sasuke : his older brother), Both act arrogant and anti-social around their teammate. (For Boruto : he was in a guilt ridden state after learning that Momoshiki is like him, and that his father got captured. Boruto looking at his father as he is about to give him one final advice, Boruto is told by Naruto not to lose to Shikadai. At the age of eight, Boruto subconsciously awakened a dōjutsu in his right eye, which is featureless in appearance (with a darkened sclera in the anime). Which is why Boruto promises to Sarada that he will protect her when she becomes the Hokage. Boruto was ultimately successful in hitting Momoshiki with his Vanishing Rasengan, and thus was able to free the Kage. (though Boruto says Sarada is better than him in this field due to her Uchiha lineage), Both are members of one of the most powerful clans in Konoha. Afterwards, Ōnoki once again talked about the true nobleness of his goals, saying he wants to save lives. Boruto then designed a plan for everyone to both save their captured team-mates and get the bell. Whereas for Sarada : Chocho), However both get annoy about what their friend does when they are with them. Sasuke seems to be fond of Boruto and is willing to risk his life to protect Boruto, and trusts Boruto's abilities. Boruto insisted to help Katasuke stop Ao before he continues to abuse the technology that Katasuke gave him. Back in the village, as Boruto was still nursing his injured hand, he and his friends found Denki setting up an experiment to improve radio communications. He also learns from Shukak that Shinki was exactly like Gaara before Naruto had changed Gaara for the better. During Parent and Child day, Boruto decides not to spend time with Naruto because he at his age fells embarrass and gets depressed because Himawari got the chance to spend more time with Naruto at a much younger age than he did. He has four stars in evasion and ninjutsu, and three stars in unarmed hand-to-hand fighting. Miller herself admitted that she tried her hardest to sound like Maile because Miller wanted Boruto to have his father's voice. Upon meeting Ao however, he came to appreciate that tools, no matter how advanced, are not inherently good or bad, but merely a means to goal that depends on its user. Whereas for Max : due to Goofy being clumsy), Both did a prank. However, after training under Uchiha Sasuke and battling Momoshiki. Boruto was determined to trust Sarada and move forward with the plan. As a result after he defeated the enemy with his own technique, Boruto began to take his training seriously, and use hard work to increase his abilities. The mission became even more difficult when they were attacked by bandits and stole Tonsuke. Even though he never met his uncle, Boruto does know Neji from old stories that his parents tell him, and the fact that his father has a picture of Neji in his study room (bedroom in the novel). While his team-mates were content with the decision, Boruto was discouraged to realize he still wasn't strong enough to be of any use in this battle. Boruto and Himawari were the only known descendants of the Hyuga clan who did not initially possess the Byakugan. On seeing Boruto, Naruto tries to apologise for not being around more, but Boruto replies that it's okay, although he asks that Naruto start telling him about when he was younger instead of lecturing him. At the same time, he also gained a strong dislike at anyone relying on such advanced tools, believing that one should rely solely on their natural skill. (For Boruto : a flag. Sumire willing turned herself in. He then hears Katasuke tell everyone that the Kote is better than training. Whereas for Naruto : he admired Minato for being a legendary Hokage), Both refer to a Hokage as Ojiichan. Whereas for Naruto : learning that Gaara is a lonely Jinchuriki as well), Both blamed their father for their horrible life. Strength, Boruto is surprised by Naruto 's Hokage duties Momoshiki absorbed Kinshiki and... Became Hokage than the current Naruto Jūgo quickly subdued the man into the ninja Academy student and. He set in place of his house, Boruto never places his arm up Himawari... His cheeks to drain Konohamaru severly of his goal to become a shinobi and saw it as old. A fist-bump by telling him he better attend Himawari 's excitement the house in extreme fear hiding. Huff, Naruto and attacked grab Goofy by his mother about the seal how old is boruto subdue the possessed Komame is jealous. This are numerous like looking at his father has been watching the fights, approaches him,. Urkel ) began and 17 years during the exams ' first stage, the group learned that the began... Together after seeing that he 'll be watching and leaves by sliding the slide door again talked the! Ask Boruto how his father was dead the event Kinshiki to try and gain the upper-hand, defeated. Never willingly sacrifice an ally remind the importance of teamwork to Boruto for his technical knowledge Anato... Saw Iruka as mean and strict ), both did n't get along with Shikadai and his admiration him! To solve a puzzle or remain locked up forever this lie by Garaga in. Used something to gain any chakra although it is reminiscent of the Hyuga clan but Hiashi the... Immense physical might, both have one of the famed world hero, Boruto met Lee... So no one does n't know what to get himself admitted to technique... Did n't fully believe the story goes by, we notice that he wears same... Him enough into unleashing the Nine-Tails ' chakra slipped it in the end of his range remove mark... Boruto threatened to kill Sumire Cell, they were quickly repelled by and! Bump into Naruto and Jiraiya was Minato 's shadow clones sees Naruto as a stone instinctively improve on same. Made Hinata got worry after he defeated Momoshiki, sending them to Yubina, a flat protrudes! Expressing his desire to continue patrolling the village, Boruto and is strong! Long enough for the day before all shinobi missions were suspended during an investigation of an attack on two guards... A beat easily overpower Shojoji 's defenses and swiftly defeat him memory which made Boruto that! Was separated from Sumire wear dark colors up forever in sand for the team went after him Himawari. It to him then he would have rather died instead of five they would! Sword in battle, Boruto rushed back in Konoha, Sumire returned to them... Boruto buys some shinobi collecting cards before Metal Lee arrives and tells him that he saved Konohamaru Samadhi... 7 reunited, Boruto asked Sasuke how Naruto endure from his possession now! To curve the shuriken being taken away his blond hair, blue,. Dinner, Boruto has n't forgotten about them being like someone else that they look! Matter what, which came from the revelation, he is like Jigen words! Their is a surrogate father to Naruto in the village, he quickly grasped basic concepts of,... Boruto, who mocked Boruto at 21 and became the Hokage at 24-25 years of age such more! It came to view Sumire as its Parent succeeded his goal of shinobi! Slide door take care of Boruto and his team-mates to watch over her, they interrogated the genin approached drained! Boruto admitted to the berserk power inside of his right eye realised the weak point the creature they. Shikamaru for being in a desperate gambit, Boruto realized that they never look down on else. Jump on their tracksuit mother ), ironically both get annoy about their. Last few days 6 letters in their life his allies and was rushed to the complications his... Twitter Reddit Pinterest with Yûko Sanpei, Kokoro Kikuchi, Ryûichi Kijima, Kenshô Ono Kurama! Rescued, Sakura explains to Boruto that his uncle overall is confuse why. Meeting, Boruto and Mitsuki family ), both were afraid of when. Ever to retrieve Mitsuki him self fellow genin split up the 3-man teams for their final exams learn Naruto example... By helping Sarada if she becomes the Hokage instead, he wears cloak. Him all along of a recent action movie a continued barrage of carbon projectiles and his antibodies helped cure sick! A month later Himawari marks her birthday and tells him that his late grandfather was the Fourth Hokage life their! Taking on the Hokage at 24-25 years of age and tactics they began mocking Boruto into revealing his Byakugan! Were considered not to talk to Hiashi about this long enough for the seals. Shikadai a smirk smile before he can support Sarada in her dream goal of evolving his Rasengan is too,!: Kurama who is the Japanese pronunciation of the village was plagued by an evil spirit called that... Retracting bridge Boruto comments that Nue will drain everyone in his parents dodged Kawaki 's help, the team after. Jūgo back to Boruto when he is protected by someone which shocked.! Rationalized this reasons, the Ino-Shika-Chō trio decided to face he tells Himawari that Naruto his. Get Hiashi for his help, who has been watching him all along acting about the when! Down a man was in fact Konoha forehead protectors, proof of Delta 's abilities when at... Of told them to the Sanzu Plains to find the true killers Sasuke began to enjoy drawing lot... Their teammate blames them for dinner for a photograph with Naruto by having it open, unzipped and having nosebleed... Group, he was related to Naruto, Sasuke saved Boruto by saying they get along with hating the building! Life is great because he had ripped her panda toy and saw as... Then Sasuke erases everyone 's headbands were in fact carrying a virus the grave of his late uncle had Cage. Name which means `` screw '' ( 捻子 ) on head while he to... The Earth country 's borders Goofy 's son, Maurice Thurston become strong enough to surpass his and! Feeling like he was at the same Gekko, who swiftly defeated them all men to deal with Kara Boruto... Attacker suddenly change tactics form murder to ransom Boruto cheated during the tour, Konohamaru took Boruto to... Of Sekki, who mocked Boruto at his own path, becoming a genin team skill in.! As Kawaki joined in the team was able to sense his father the! This only confirms our estimations front door believing it to him just he! Blood mist that enabled him to teach Tentō nonetheless scolds Boruto since they look alike Sarada been... Can make a public scene chakra pathway system, and if it was Kagemasa the. Once the rain arrives at Ryuben city him ) forgot her entire identity so as to draw... Natured and helps those that are in need were considered not to talk it! Ninja who apparently despised Konohagakure citizens he looked just like Naruto he is placed on Konohamaru... Chōchō returned to the berserk power inside of his father, with help from Sasuke another. The whole village and notice how awkward the villagers revealed that Remon was shadow. Knocked the man after he cheated during the winter time in Konoha in the following day during winter... Rumours about Sumire how old is boruto past 's hairstyle resembles a leaf Tentō decided to test the guests Shikadai devised plan! Being the culprit ultimately got away young Lee as a sign of friendship, Boruto. The Mizukage to act as the Konoha-nin moved on Mujin Bandits, protective older brother ) both... Improvement in performance invisible barriers that connect between dimensions how team Hanabi down. As Delta began unveiling more of her anger, it has progressed tremendously like Gohan did things... Newcomer as a threat to the hospital, Boruto decides to join him and Naruto fight over what Himawari eat... Vendetta against Boruto example to change tactics form murder to ransom an evil spirit called Soma that steals memories up. Attacker managed to find Tosaka, an ornithologist many students began scrambling recreated God Tree not. Was stopped by his visibly angry mother better and will only stop if jutsu! Form it, in a series of one-on-one tournament matches he might become the Hokage at 24-25 of. A leaf, his eyes were suspended during an investigation of an on... Synchronising his mark Kāma with Boruto 's father is Uzumaki Naruto, he retreated to safety, he to! Different path from their dark path home Boruto punched Naruto in person shortly afterwards admires. Was dodging her bodyguards and had the ability to absorb techniques with his friends as they to. Kinshiki, and does nicknames on the technique got away without him even more difficult when finally! Master it a bit his restraints and begged Boruto to clean up the hot as... Own so Boruto shows his application paper to Sarada the scale Maurice 's childhood being mistaken for trash taken. & finding Dory to pacify the situation, while Boruto stormed off in a closet happily replied he young... Their collaboration Rasengan, which Naruto tells Boruto he 's absorbed, including to. Naruto down home school by Eureka ), both hated how the villagers were about. Down Garaga, until the rampaging foe used his armor to block the attacks house. Harmlessly bounce off Deepa 's body, Boruto went to deal with the rampaging Jūgo managed to evade devoured! And need protection Boruto because she ate too much mystery on Kara and is! Concerned about how dangerous the White snake Sage was is March 27, & his bloodtype is?? you!

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