Well long story short, we wanted to update the Discord bot command onto a spreadsheet and it exploded into this. It's been over an year since u/Obikin89 posted his A Guide to Building Espers and I thought now would be a good time to update it and create a new guide. 1 Server Maintenance 2 Update Schedule 2.1 Miscellaneous 2.2 Content 2.3 Reward 3 Japanese Update History 3.1 Season 3 3.2 Season 2 3.3 Season 1 4 Global Update History 4.1 Season 3 4.2 Season 2 4.3 Season 1 5 References No scheduled maintenance. FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS | a brand new FINAL FANTASY game available for smartphones. Buffer with typed mitigation and barriers. Can cure imperils and berserk (as well as breaks, charm, and stop). Can provide up to 90% ATK/MAG breaks, although maintaining higher than 80% costs him almost all of his damage. Xmas Macherie with Ayaka's ... moreso than just the stats. Magic cover and provoke tank with a full support kit. Posted by 5 months ago. Can also provide AoE mitigation or barriers via cooldown. Can cure the zombie ailment, albeit on a long cooldown. Also has some other buffs that cannot be maintained the entire time, such as 40% general mitigation and various elemental resists. Has 75% breaks, some elemental resistance buffs, and rod/mace BREAK gauge skills. Can provide 60% AoE breaks, AoE mirage, AoE LB fill rate, single target imbues, single target LB fill, and some minor AoE MP sustain. Certain units do well in certain situations. Can provide significant AoE LB fill and an AoE water imbue/imperil. Can provide 80% full breaks, AoE imbue/imperil earth, and buff several elemental resistances. Can provide 50% AoE general mitigation, 25% magic/physical mitigation, stat buffs, and 2k AoE barriers. Has a 60% break on a 5 turn cooldown, which can allow him to weaken nasty threshold attacks, but he cannot serve as a primary breaker. Moderator of r/wotv_ffbe. Her brave shift LB (which is her finisher skill) will not completely fit into most support chains. Can buff the party's mitigation by 50% and their DEF/SPR by 200%. Alternately, she can be built for damage and used as a chainer, although this is a much less potent option. Furc and I already keep track on our respective sheets with different gearing assumptions. Physical cover tank with some support capabilities. DPS change very quickly requiring a huge update to the tier list every week or two. Can provide several damage-boosting field effects to your side of the battlefield. At only 65%, her breaks are subpar compared to dedicated breakers, but she can provide stat buffs, typed mitigation, barriers, imbues, and more. Physical cover and provoke tank that can also provide AoE physical mitigation. She can buff physical mitigation by 60% and provide AoE mirage (1 stack on demand, 3 stacks on a cooldown), as well as 3 stacks of single-target mirage. This article is a user created content created by ShadoWalker, receiving little to no curation from the wiki administrators. Can dualcast 60% breaks for all four stats. So I go by ShadoWalker on Discord and I manage the Bikini Bottom spreadsheet found here. Can buff all stats, regenerate HP/MP for the party, provide mitigation, buff elemental resistances, and cure breaks. Buffer that can provide general mitigation, typed mitigation, barriers, elemental resists, LB fill, and more. Can provide breaks of up to 70%, stat buffs of up to 200%, 30% physical/magical general mitigation, AoE mirage, and significant LB fill. Ranking: Units are listed in a sequential manner with the strongest as the first rank. The ratings for attackers are calculated using a unit builder based on specific criteria. Has some utility, including AoE ailment immunity, although it costs her a fair chunk of damage to use. Buffer that focuses on handling physical attacks. With her latent abilities, she can provide good buffs and elemental resistances via W-Ability, although the low healing on the turns that she refreshes these effects might be a problem. Breaker that can simultaneously serve as a 100% passive provoke/dodge tank. Can also be used as a breaker, although he's not as relevant in that role. Can provide 35% magic mitigation (50% on a cooldown), AoE reraise, break/ailment/stop/charm immunity, 30% general mitigation, an undispellable 200% DEF/SPR buff, and an AoE light imbue/120% imperil. Can provide 50% general mitigation to the party, but the cooldown on this skill is longer than the duration, so he cannot maintain 100% uptime on this. As such, if we included DPS on this list it would feel like a redundant activity that we are putting our time into. Can provide buffs to all stats, as well all three types of mitigation (although her general mitigation is on the low side). Her T1 AoE breaks aren't quite as strong as those of some other units, but she can later on upgrade them to 79% once her LB is ready. Now that you know what the two types of tanks are and what their two most important abilities are, it’s now time to discuss who the best tanks are. I will try to trim this down to just having the fundamental information and how I prefer my espers to be built. Relies on his LB to buff general mitigation, but may have trouble filling it quickly enough if he's only getting by elemental attacks that he fully resists, as he relies on his counters to fill his LB gauge efficiently. The Wiki Ratings aims to order every single unit in a numbered order disregarding roles. We have a new project that we worked with our own community in GD3. Has a 75% fullbreak, AoE heals, raise, reraise, and a grandis ability that grants 80% AoE physical mitigation for two turns. Usually added a couple hours after … A spin-off of the Final Fantasy series, the game marks as the first collaborative effort between Square-Enix and Alim. His LB provides a 45% general mitigation buff to the party for three turns. Has 75% breaks, 40% AoE physical/magical mitigation, 40% AoE general mitigation, and a 60% AoE general mitigation grandis ability. We do our best without putting negative pressure on members. Can sing for buffs/regen, but you will have gaps in the song buff uptime if you try to have him also maintain breaks. Typically must use her cover each turn to reapply the barrier, or she's at a higher risk of dying. The “?glbestunits” bot command was mostly used as a quick way to show some of the top units for the game. All espers: (Bahamut>)Tetra Sylpheed=Ramuh>Fenrir=Shiva>>Siren (TS does have some physical-related skills, but the stats points towards MAG unless you really need that bird killer.) December 27, 2020 at 5:35 pm Thanks for putting this together! We were looking to update the ?glbestunits command into a spreadsheet and that evolved into a full fledged tier list. 4 Why are you missing out DPS units? Information written in this article may contain opinion based upon their experiences, and are meant to help other users. To gain benefits of an esper, you have to equip it to a unit, located in the units menu, just below the units. Can provide 75% AoE breaks, although he only has them in his base form, which has much lower damage than his Brave Shift, and if he does use the shift, the breaks will expire before he changes back. Is somewhat subpar at each of those invidual roles, but being able to do both at once can be very valuable in many team compositions. Can also provide some significant AoE LB fill. Magic ice/water chainer that scales off of SPR. Can provide some healing and has some support capabilities, but these eat into her damage significantly, and she's generally not great at these alternate roles and you would rarely want to use her in that way. Physical chainer or finisher with a 74% ATK/MAG/DEF break attached to his LB. Support healer: Lakshmi, Carbuncle>>Siren. Her damage takes quite a few turns to ramp up to its full potential. However, due to their irrelevance to the meta, 7-star damage dealers will not receive any rating unless they are competitive with units. Buffer with an array of defensive options. Unlike most 7* healers, does not have the ability to heal and reraise on the same turn. Magic cover tank that can provide AoE magic and general mitigation buffs. Unfortunately, he lacks a strong on-demand ability heal. His magic cover has a cooldown, which may be a problem if you're planning to rely on reraise, or if the boss dispels him. Can buff magic mitigation by 30%, provide AoE reraise, grant ST ailment/charm/stop/break immunity (with AoE on a cooldown), restore MP, and buff general mitigation by 45%. Unusual combination of healer and chainer. War of the Visions FFBE - Release Date & System Requirements To Release On Spring 2020. FFBE War of the Visions (WOTV) Global comparison of raw esper stats. Begin your adventure today! Stats, degree of … Mix and match as needed. Can buff every type of mitigation (albeit on separate cooldown abilities that lack 100% uptime), provide immunity to breaks/ailments/stop/charm, and restore MP to the party. 92. Buffer that focuses heavily on dealing with physical attacks. Tier: Units are grouped into several groups based on their similar power level. Can provide mirage, 2k AoE barriers, AoE LB fill, and some backup healing. Healer that can also provide AoE reraise. Can buff all stats by 180%, all elemental resists by 80%, and general mitigation by 50%. The strongest of all Espers, the Dragon King, Bahamut was himself crowned as one … ME!!! Also has some subpar breaks that could be useful in rare situations. Physical and magic cover tank that can provide AoE typed and general mitigation. Healer that can provide immunity to ailments, breaks, stop, and charm. Other espers can be obtained after defeating them in a dungeon. Buffer who can grant a wide variety of elemental resistances, along with the more standard stat and general mitigation buffs. His other skills are, unfortunately, mostly irrelevant. Can provide stat buffs, barriers, ailment immunity, break immunity, AoE reraise, LB fill, and more. Has a cooldown that provides a 5k AoE barrier. Hybrid chainer with several different elements (although she has to use two at a time). Will struggle with fights that demand AoE breaks on the first turn. Can provide breaks of up to 65%, stat buffs of up to 200%, 40% general mitigation (50% on a cooldown), and 70% to all elmenetal resists. Breaker that can also provide some minor elemental resistance buffs. Terrible support unit that focuses on buffing elemental resistances. Since you typically need healing every turn, this means that he usually cannot maintain 40% general mitigation without someone else to provide supplemental healing. We’re not entirely sure yet on the why, but there were some frustrations with the Wiki Ratings in its numbered format ignoring roles. As a buffer, he has some uncommon and useful utility, but is also missing some standard buffer abilities, such as 100% uptime on general mitigation and AoE MP regen, which may force you to rely on other units to cover the gaps in his kit. Ratings are maintained by FFBE subreddit's Discord. Fills the LB gauge a bit while healing, and can massively fill ally LB gauged by emptying her own. Can alternately be used as a not-so-great buffer. Daily Help ... More posts from the wotv_ffbe community. Has Curaja, elemental resistance buffs, physical mitigation, and AoE barriers. However, this makes her very sensitive to deaths, as the mod boosts will go away if she dies. Most if not all of the Espers seen are believed to have originated from Paladia. Has a 65% AoE ATK/MAG break and a 70% DEF break. Buffer with 50% general mitigation, 30% typed mitigation, barriers, significant AoE LB fill, and more. Community Discord https://discord.gg/MkTvHGM Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/drfinalfantasy Support Me ! Has 10% innate dodge (making it easier to gear for 100%) and can chain with the. News Once per week, usually on Tuesday. If you want to save time re-gearing your party, FFBE Tips provides a search-able and ranked list of units, abilities, and equipment with killer effects (here's a quick video tutorial). Deciding who the best tanks are in the game is not easy since each unit possesses unique abilities. Please keep in mind that each … Hess was initially the weaker faction but through the help of the Espers, it was able to amass enough power to oppose Aldore and lead to several casualties. Can buff mitigation by up to 40% (but drops down to 30% on some turns due to cooldowns), provides stat buffs, imbues allies with dark, and can fill the LB gauge. Support unit focusing exclusively on defensive buffs. Can imbue and amp light and dark, and imperil various elements at various strengths. Can keep 85% breaks going indefinitely with a dupe, or for 20+ turns on her own. Damage drops significantly while maintaining breaks, so you typically have to choose which to focus on. Several reasons but here are the major ones. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Either way, the tier list is aimed to present units who can complete the most amount of content (i.e, trials) based on their kit. Maintenance Once per week, on Wednesday. Mai 2018 Kay 0. Unless you have certain event gear or STMRs, this will require the use of. Provides 40% AoE general mitigation along with 25% physical/magical mitigation. There is a huge amount of time in analyzing chainers and debating where each one would fit into a tier list. Can provide 40% single-target general mitigation. This page was last edited on 26 August 2020, at 21:30.

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