Item In Cart. or Best Offer. VWD, VWDarrin Choose from the following categories of different components for VW carburetors and find the parts which are right for your vehicle. Type II VW Parts Reference (1950-1954) Type II VW Parts Reference (1958-1967) Progressive Refinements (1940-1961) Progressive Refinements (1962-1968) SO-42 Camper Parts List; Solex: Selection and Tuning; Local Manufacture of Workshop Equipment Damage Number (1965 ed.) The VDub Factory. stats_f='' + escape(document.referrer); stats_f=stats_f.replace('_','----'); if (navigator.appName=='Netscape'){stats_b='NS';}, if (navigator.appName=='Microsoft Internet Explorer'){stats_b='MSIE';}, if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf('MSIE 3')>0) {stats_b='MSIE';}. FAST & FREE. Volkswagen Beetle 1970, Carburetor by DuraGo®. Standard Version. Carburetor Rebuild Kit Selector. 37-119: 37-933 6-506: 122-62 N/S: 125-85 0.025: Plain 108-83-2: 108-89-2 108-90-2: 108-27-2 N/A: 134-105 1-3/16: 1-1/4 1-1/2 Gasoline leaking into oil from high fuel pressure. It's not easy to tell one year from another. 4 product ratings 4 product ratings - VW bug carburetor spacer 28 / 30 pict VW solex 28 30 adapter VW bug alternator . Solex Brosol Carburetor Carb H30 31 PICT 62-70 VW Beetle Bug Ghia Aircooled - SP. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 16. This means you get your part quickly and get your Beetle back on the road fast. Some prefer to do one barrel of each carburetor then come back and do the second barrel. Since the main, idle, air correction and accelerator pump jets … C $17.21. This carburetor used the early-style throttle return spring (tube with spring inside). This makes the fuel to air mixture, regulated by the carburetor, an integral part, not only to fuel efficiency and engine power, but to the overall health and performance of the engine. This is a popular replacement carburetor for VW Beetle, Bus, Ghia and Type 3 with single port engine. info='w=' + stats_w + '&h=' + stats_h + '&c=' + stats_c + '&r=' + stats_f + '&u='+ stats_u + '&fs=' + stats_fs + '&b=' + stats_b + '&x=' + stats_x + '&cat=' + catID + '&prd=' + prdID; document.write('