Pesticides Dried catnip leaves Vinegar spray is another useful repellent home remedy to get rid of water bugs. These sprays repel bugs but don’t kill them. To this water, add the sliced garlic. 2. Strain the cloves out in a few minutes and add the liquid soap to the remaining water. In a spray bottle, add 2 tablespoons of natural soap. Shake it well so that oil mixes with water and the solution has an even smell Repeat this once a week as the smell wears off after a few days Then, fill the rest part of the spray bottle with water and now mix it well. Never leave uncovered food in the open Allow the alcohol to work on the area. Boric acid is the most effective strategy against these bugs. Spray the solution using spray bottle all over the area Over time, desiccation will occur and insects will dry-out. A Waterbug or Cockroach bait is an effective product to get rid of water bugs. The bait tricks the bug into thinking of it as food. 3. 1. 1. Some simple steps you can take are below. Boric acid is the most effective strategy against these bugs. Now blend all of these ingredients well until they are smooth. Spread bay leaves all over the ground so that water bugs won’t find a way around the leaves To prevent a future bug infestation, it’s important to take certain preventive measures. Where live human beings you can found ants, mosquitoes and flies. 1. Boric acid comes with inflammatory properties, which kill the bugs. Pesticides usually work by targeted the nervous system of a bug. Flying bugs are a common problem in each country. Open the spray bottle However, it doesn’t kill water bugs, and they can easily avoid sprayed areas. Catnip Leaves In small sachets, add some bay leaves and place the sachets on the affected areas. 1. 2. Conduct a quick search online and in your state university’s insect database for “cockroach” and “palmetto bug” to be certain you’re not dealing with a case of mistaken identity. Some people have had success using ceiling fans to keep love bugs from flying into their homes. Never leave uncovered food in the open Wrapping up – How to Get rid of Waterbugs 3. Identify the areas infested with water bugs Alcohol. Denying water and food can discourage water bugs. Open the spray bottle There are over 300 registered products that fall under pesticides. If the infestation gets out of control, you can use chemical products or call professional help. Instructions Then, close the lid of this spray bottle and now check the working. The experts will identify the exact species of water bugs that have made a home near your property. Water bug baits 2. Treating water bugs inside the home is in some ways easier because areas that need treatment are more limited and you don’t have to deal with issues like rain washing pesticides away. Insect Spray Instructions Sprinkle some boric acid on all the infested areas around your home. Or you can also spread the diatomaceous around your house to prevent water bugs. 8. Dried catnip leaves 1. Place multiple baits near the area A Waterbug or Cockroach bait is an effective product to get rid of water bugs. As soon as Acree gets home with a new plant, she puts it in the bathtub in order to do some pest control. Unlike bed bug bites, Water bugs are dangerous for humans as they can bite and spread disease. 1. Repeat for a few times to kill all bugs and eggs 2. Here’s the method: //